Are Indoor Pickleball Memberships Worth The Price?

It depends.

Are Indoor Pickleball Memberships Worth The Price?

It depends.

It’s been nothing but rain and wind here in Chattanooga, a city well-known for it’s turbulent weather. In 2020 we were personally hit by a tornado, and have come uncomfortably close to getting hit by another in the years that have followed. All of this unfavorable weather makes for a difficult pickleball game on the local outdoor courts. Luckily, a large indoor pickleball facility has popped up in the neighboring city of Cleveland, making Tuesday morning pickleball sessions a go despite what the weatherman predicts.

Here’s a fun fact: Chattanooga has already averaged 13 more days of rain in 2024 than Seattle. (source)

The pickleball facility in question charges between $39 and $99 a month, depending on the frequency you would like to reserve a court, as well as how far in advance you also prefer to reserve a court. Expensive to say the least, but still in line with the current rate of inflation and the skyrocketing costs of everything from food and gas to discretionary items such as entertainment and, well, pickleball.

Revolve Indoor Pickleball
Revolve Pickleball

The great thing about this indoor facility is that you can opt to remain a guest and pay a flat fee of $12 for four hours of open play per visit — exactly the amount of time my three friends and I typically play every Tuesday. Twelve bucks. Not too bad considering that every other Tuesday the weather in Chattanooga forces us to take our pickleball activities indoors. Should the weather continue to deteriorate here in Dixie Alley for the unforeseeable future, a full membership just might be worth it.

Is It Worth It?

Where do you live, and what’s the weather like? Are you hunkering down in your basement every couple of weeks in Tennessee or Alabama to dodge a potential tornado? A blizzard in Canada? Days on end of a light drizzle in Seattle? Another question to consider is how often do you play? If you’re a once a week player and content with that, then an indoor membership may not be worth it.

The third and most important question to ask yourself: Is there even an indoor pickleball facility near me? Indoor facilities are typically private entities, cost a fortune to build, and are therefore more scarce than outdoor community courts.

If you’re playing multiple times a week like I do, AND where you live delivers unfavorable weather quite frequently, AND there happens to be a facility within a reasonable driving distance, then an indoor pickleball membership just might be the solution you’re looking for to playing more pickleball. Just don’t forget to visit your local outdoor courts once in a while. That’s where potential new friends are almost certainly playing some hardcore pickleball.

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